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What Makes WooCommerce one of the Most Popular eCommerce Platforms

Did you know that nearly 50% of eCommerce websites around the world use WooCommerce!


Running a business online is not a cakewalk and moreover, the success of the site predominantly depends upon the platform chosen for development. With a plethora of options available, if almost half of the eCommerce business pick WooCommerce then surely it might be having some really big plus points.


WooCommerce is one of the well-known platforms due to its exceptional features that benefit both business and their customers. Many digital agencies are offering web design and development in Adelaide as it is in great demand. If you are planning to launch your online store, do consider WooCommerce. Maybe the benefits listed below might convince you to be part of the crowd but still stand apart.


Free and open-source:


WooCommerce is an open-source plugin offered by the most popular CMS platform WordPress. This means you can create a tailor-made shop that’s completely under your control and that too for FREE (at least for now). Even the free version boasts exceptional features that will help to create an engaging online store. So there is no need to pay any sort of fees to use WooCommerce for your business.


Great flexibility:


One of the biggest benefits of WooCommerece to the budding eCommerce entrepreneurs is the flexibility offered by the platform. Products can be easily categorised as per their price or other attributes. And physical as well as digital products can be sold. WooCommerce is also capable of selling external or affiliate products.


No need to be technically-versed:


Just as WordPress, even WooCommerce is easy to use. If you’ve already been using WordPress, WooCommerce will be as simple as ABC. You don’t have to be technically strong to use this platform. You can easily set up and start managing your eCommerce site.


Some online tutorials or videos might help to get familiar with WooCommerce.



SEO plays a major role in any online business especially eCommerce where it is performed on the digital platform. Since WooCommerce is SEO friendly, it will help your website to get easily searched on popular search engines.


And also you will be happy to know that Google is fond of WooCommerce hence your website’s Google rankings are also likely to go high by setting up your on this platform.


In-built analytics:

Even data is significant for eCommerce. WooCommerce comes with analytics power which means you can effortlessly access all the useful data and know about your business. Data such as date wise sales, specific customer shopping statistics, average order value, all this will help to improve customer relationships and grow your business.  


Highly secure


Yes, highly WooCommerce is highly secure which is again significant for any transaction-oriented business. The experts constantly monitor the platform and check for vulnerabilities.


Talking about security, WooCommerce also offers secure payment gateway integration which ensures customers with safe transactions. PayPal, WePay, Stripe are some of the reputed and highly secure payment gateways offered by WooCommerce.


Though WooCommerce has strong competition, still this WordPress eCommerce plugin is highly recommended to small and medium-sized businesses. If you too are convinced by its benefits, get your store built now.